Our Story

Our story begins with two brothers which had a dream of starting their own company in this amazing trade which is the painting business. We combined forces and became associates with a common goal which was forming a serious, professional company but at the same time to create an exciting, friendly, enthusiastic and outgoing atmosphere. This is what we transmit to our family of employees and also to our clients.


We knew that we had to provide exceptional over the top services, (which wasn’t hard for us) in order to compete with the existing names. Little by little we stared earning, with much hard work and effort, our clients trust and started to make a name for ourselves. The strong values and ethical moral beliefs are what has made BrightView the successful business that it is today.


Our company applies the best and the brightest in our products, equipment, safety techniques and employees. We are a family owned company with a complete variety of services, we are insured, bonded and licensed in California. Lic# 1022222

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

By utilizing the best products for your specific project we give you the maximum life of your paint and many years of that fresh new look. This is why we are able to guarantee our work for 2 full years and give 100% customer satisfaction.